Let’s talk about why we named our hotel ‘Vavien’.

Vavien is an electric term which means managing a center from many points and its origin comes from va-et-vient word in French.

Our settlement is in Karakoy which has been a meeting point for many cultures throughout the history owing to the port connecting Asia to Europe.. Karakoy is still an exotic center of attraction where East and West get together as it was in the past and where you can enjoy the old city by getting lost in its streets

There would be no other great name but Vavien when 2 brothers who were grown up in Karakoy streets, earned their life with electiricity and became the well-known tradespeople in this field decided to open this hotel to host their guests in the oldest place of Istanbul

And Vavien waits for hosting its guests in its history in the oldest place of the city where many cultures, religions and beliefs get beautifully together like an electrical circuit.

Are you ready to take your place in this exotic circuit?

Why Vavien Hotel?

1. If you’re coming to Istanbul, stay at Istanbul!...
If you come to experience the history of a city, you should stay at the oldest historical place of that city, right?
2. Your place in history is ready!.
The old places of worship, which are the proof of the fact that all religions lived peacefully in this country for hundred of years, clearly shows Karakoy history goes back to the old times.
3. Old Istanbul waits for its new guests!
Vavien Hotel is in the middle of these places of worship. Arap Mosque whose history goes back to 7th century, St. Pierre Church which was the frequented place of famous poets and philosophers and Salom Synagogue which is the main worship place of Turkish Jews are very close to our hotel.
4. Explore the past, stay with the future!
During your acommodation time, Galata Tower ( symbol of Galata), Pir Ahmet Fountain ( neighbor of the hotel), Kamondo Stairs ( one of the most beautiful examples of the Baroque Style in Istanbul) and historical pieces from the European communities of Ottoman are waiting for you explore them.
5. History had been never so comfy..
Breathtaking Istanbul silhouette also accompany our guests at day and night. A fancy view with Ayasofya Museum, Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Topkapı Palace is a gift to all preferring Vavien Otel! Reservation
6. Easy Access
The Hotel is in the heart of the present as it was in past. Hotel’s view also includes Galata Bridge connecting Karakoy with the historical peninsula,Tramway between Zeytinburnu and Kabatas, Tunnel Metro connecting Karakoy and Istiklal Street and Karakoy Wharf carrying Bosphorus to Anatolia with vapours
7. Newest Rooms in the middle of History
Despite leaning its back to the past, the comfort of the hotel comes from the future. We host you in the modernest way in the middle of the history with 22 standart, 5 suites rooms and 2 king suites with amazing Halic view!
8. And...
We are sure that you will come to Vavien Hotel where you can accommodate in silence without running away from the city after enjoying it.What’s important is when this happens..